After the root canal, the tooth is rehabilitated through a simple restore or the placement of a crown.
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Cavities can affect very large pulp (nerve) of the tooth. Symptoms may include sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting or spontaneous pain that can be strong. In such cases, it becomes necessary to perform a root canal or endodontic. Usually, the devitalisation is carried out in one session. The dentist evaluates the teeth with a small RX doing sometimes vitality tests to confirm the need for its devitalization.This constitutes one access opening (s) channel (s) of the tooth and the nerve removal of debris, bacteria or any other material that meets the channels.Then, the channels are extended and prepared for closure. This is the purpose of the devitalization: disinfect and close the channels with a material (rubber or thermoplastic), and a specific cement, preventing the entry of bacteria and stabilizing the tooth.The canals are instrumented (during opening and cleaning of canals and its expansion) with small digital files and an advanced mechanical instrumentation that we have. After the root canal of the tooth, the tooth rehabilitate themselves through a simple restore or placing a crown with spike.