Pediatric Dentistry

Children need special attention.
We advise you to bring your children to the dentist for a routine observation.

Besides allowing to check the bone development of the face and the milk teeth, the teeth erupt (born) and tooth alignment will also reduce the anxiety and fear of the dentist. It is important to note that the milk teeth, although temporary, have the same importance of permanent teeth.
Allow the development of the child's speech, obviously have an aesthetic function and ensure the creation of space for the permanent teeth and their alignment. Are therefore fundamental in the development of children.
Promoted in conjunction with parents, teaching in oral hygiene habits and develop dental preventive measures. The dental caries in children appear essentially disabled when brushing the teeth, particularly in the molar grooves.
To prevent caries develop should be applied fissure sealants which correspond to the placement of a layer of resin on the surface of the teeth chewing protecting them from bacterial attacks.
Sealants should be checked by Dentist in 6 six months.