Orthodontics is the area that comes to align and level the teeth through braces, and even transparent removable (invisalign)

It aims to:

- Fix aesthetics and phonetics;
- Improve the dental occlusion and joint problems;
- Promoting a better distribution of the forces exerted on the teeth, protecting them from trauma.
The phases of treatment are:

- Study and analysis of the lateral radiograph, models and photographs mouth. From this study is that we know what type of product to use.

Treatment time-active, on average, two years. Through the use of the device, a force is applied gentle on teeth causing them to move into the correct place.

The position correction of teeth can change the appearance facial contours and giving it more harmonious and pleasing proportions, improving the appearance.

- There is a range of fixed or removable appliances designed to move the teeth and the maxillary and mandibular arches to the desired position.
Braces are nowadays the most common. The placement of the braces causes no pain because the device is bonded on the teeth.

After being placed or adjusted cause mild discomfort, especially when chewing, during the first days. At the end of the first week the discomfort disappears in almost all cases.