Periodontics is the discipline devoted to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gums and supporting the teeth dasestruturas. Prevent today!

Inflammation and bleeding gums are relatively common situations, caused by the presence of bacteria in the gingival sulcus.
However, in chronic cases, prolonged bacteria in this groove and inflammation of the gums causes the destruction of the bone itself.

In this disease called periodontitis and results in receding gums, gradually exposing the root, being the fundamental prompt treatment. In these cases, only the intervention of the dentist can stop this process, resolving in certain cases the shaking of the tooth and preventing its loss.

Monitoring the health of the gums is fundamental and equally important to monitor the health of the teeth, as periodontitis or periodontal disease is responsible for a significant proportion of missing teeth. To prevent this disease should make a cleaning or scaling 2 times per year, with some exceptions.

Our dentists who are dedicated to the treatment of diseases of the gums do a thorough periodontal exam measuring the depth of the gingival sulcus of each tooth at 3 points around them, ie, the distance between the top of the gums and bone around your teeth .

After this examination are defined areas to be treated and teeth that must be extracted.

The treatment consists of "clean" the sub-gingival area, ie the elimination of bacteria from the area below the gum line and above the bone and is performed under local anesthesia and without pain.