Fixed Prosthodontics

There are two main types of dentures: total or partial.
Here we can help you decide what type of prosthesis will be the best for you!

A removable prosthesis intended to replace lost teeth.

Are easily removed and inserted itself without intervention dentist. Rely directly on the gums or teeth, allowing for simple and inexpensive to replace missing teeth.
The skeletal prosthetic teeth are supported by means of hooks, while the acrylic dentures, partial or total, are supported by the mucosa by a wide contact area.

The loss of teeth affect chewing and your smile. The loss of one or more teeth alters the balance of the remaining observing changes in the position immediately adjacent teeth and the opposing teeth.
With the passage of time these changes are increasing, even situations cause joint pain and difficulty opening the mouth. To eliminate these problems, we resort to removable dentures or fixed dentures.
After careful observation, the dentist builds a model of your mouth. In just 2 or 3 additional queries for evidence, your denture is completed.

In our clinic, other forms are also available for the replacement of missing teeth, either through the prosthesis on the placing implants or prostheses conventional fixed.